platform: im running for Chief steward Unit 3: CUPE 3903, yo.

Chief Steward Unit 3 platform: Chelsea Flook

*voting is on March 11 after the GMM

*all unit members can vote for each Chief Steward

U3 – internal mobilization
• Hold “what does unit 3 do?” meetings among different departments and faculties to develop a better sense of U3 solidarity and U3 needs throughout the year.
• Produce a report containing the broad aspects of these findings while working with the Communications Officer to create internal documents that can be circulated to other units and new members.
• Mobilize U3 across all disciplines to participate at the Stewards Council both formally and informally.
• Develop inclusive Steward roles that accommodate a broader spectrum of abilities.

• Work towards broader connections between groups and organizations on campus and organize for an autonomous campus communication structure and forum.
• Critically reflect on the strike and the outstanding issues and mobilize the York community around these issues.
• Improve accessibility in 3903s operations.
• Keep up the momentum of the strike

Strike involvement
Don’t know me yet? Well here’s a few places and spaces I’d been working in or on in some capacity or other… I was a bit of an informal everything… informal picket captain at chimneystack (captain of singing, cheering, and making music, strike fluting… )

• Accessibility Committee
+ informal representative of 9th Line/alternative duties/ Access Committee at Strike Committee
+ acquired community kitchen space for cooking in January
+ developed accessible picket line
+ advocated for accessibility to membership and working committees.

• Strike Committee
+ represented 9th line and Chimneystack picket line.
+ organized letter-writing campaign against first wave of Back to Work Legislation in December
+ helped create leaflets/ information overnight when actions/events were too soon to go through the communication committee

• Food Committee
+ developed strategies around the high food bills
+ kitchen/duty proposal came partly out of here too
+ solicited 9th Liners to seek food donations (raw and cooked) for 3903s pickets

• Green Caucus
+ LOLd a lot. LOLrus.

• Did a bunch of random tasks
+ what’s lovingly referred to as bottom-lining
+ which I sometimes call Bee Lining
+ I wrote zany emails that ppl think sometimes were more like poems
+ one time i co-DJ’d a CUPE partie going by Lady C-Stax (fascinating!)


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